What is Febelfin?

Febelfin is the federation of the Belgian financial sector. It represents 259 members and reconciles their interests with those of policy makers, supervisors, professional federations and interest groups on a national and a European level.

Febelfin fosters the interests of all its members: large banks, smaller banks, niche players, non-bank financial institutions and organisations, financial infrastructure providers, etc. It communicates on behalf of the entire financial sector (except for insurance companies).

In that capacity it fulfils the following tasks:

  • Taking on points of view for and by members.
  • Lobbying on a national and European level, but also participating in social negotiations.
  • Supplying services: informing, pointing out and giving advice, but also providing training via the Febelfin Academy.
  • Communicating with members and the public at large and participating in debates in professional, political, social and educational areas.